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Leading Pet Transport for your Pets

Star Veterinary Clinic is partnering with the leading pet transport company in the middle east. Equitrans has almost 20-years in the pet-relocation business and understands that pets are FAMILY and together we will put your mind at ease for any of your pet travel, relocation requirements.

Equitrans Pet Travel Van
Equitrans Pet Travel Van 1

About Equitrans Pet Transport

Over the years we’ve moved over 30,000 pets and horses safely, economically and with the very best in animal care to over 100 countries worldwide.

We take the stress out of pet-travel. Taking care of each one of your pet’s needs, from pre-flight veterinary requirements, paperwork and documentation to the flight and post-flight procedures.

Our fully equipped pet taxi ensures your pet moves comfortably through the pre-flight process (you can accompany your cat or dog or have our highly experienced staff tend them through the process).

Our in-house team works around the clock to ensure documentation is completed and the ever-changing destination country requirements are up-to-date and continually met.

And, we don’t stop there! If you need further assistance outside the UAE, our network of trusted partners are ready to meet you and your pet travel seamlessly through to your destination.

Equitrans has been a member of the international Animal Transportation Association (ATA) for just over 18-years now.
The ATA has worked tirelessly for over 40 years, to improve the care and safety of all animals in transit, regardless of whether they are travelling by land, sea or air.

The ATA ensures that every single animal relocated by its worldwide network of members receives the very best of care throughout its journey.

To be a member, companies must agree to the ATA's Statement of Policies and Code of Ethics. Once a member, they become part of the ATA's global network of accredited companies, all of which place animal safety and care at the very core of their service.
As well as accessing and participating in the newest industry research, members also share developments in import and export information and industry best practice.

When you see the ATA logo, you know your pet is in the very best hands- every step of their journey!
For more information on the ATA and the work it does, see here:


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