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Surgery &Emergency Care

We are proud to offer emergency care during our work hours and special emergency contact out of hours provided by our team of vets. Whether your pet is injured, or taken ill and requires hospitalization, they will be cared for by a familiar and friendly face at Star Veterinary Clinic.

Surgery and Emergency Care

We have a team to answer you all day, as well as one of our own vets on-call outside of normal opening hours. This provides important ongoing care and avoids the need for your pet to be moved or transferred to another clinic, or for you to travel long distances to an emergency vet.

If your pet requires emergency care, please call +971 4 557 3200 / +971 4 557 3199.

Surgical Theatre

Our theatre situated is fully-equipped to allow our veterinary surgeons to perform your pet’s operation, each with suitable monitoring equipment to ensure your pet’s anaesthetic is as safe as possible. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and invest regularly in continuing education for our veterinary surgeons to ensure they are familiar with the latest techniques


We actively promote the benefits of neutering your pet. We offer competitive pricing without any compromise on standards, employing the use of modern anaesthetics and monitoring equipment to ensure these procedures are very safe for your pet.

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