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Meet our friendly and experienced veterinary staff of the Star Veterinary Clinic.


Dr. Sarabjit Singh

Veterinarian Surgeon

Introducing a new addition to the Star Vet Family, Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sarabjit Singh. We very much look forward to your expertise and dedication to pet care, dentistry, and emergency cases. Dr. Singh also performs difficult surgeries that others may turn away from, he is also highly experienced in Chemotherapy for pets with cancer. To book an appointment with Dr. Singh then you can call the Sports City branch to discuss your pet's concern

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Dr. Dalia Al Sayad

Veterinarian Surgeon

Introducing a new addition to the Star Vet Family, Dr Dalia Al Sayad Senior Veterinarian with 20 years of experience in wildlife birds, exotic and small animals.
Experienced in soft tissue surgery for small animals and internal medicine

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Dr. Francis Lee Silva

Veterinarian Surgeon

Graduated from university of Veracruz, Mexico and continued her postgraduate studies with a speciality in internal medicine and surgery for dogs and cats. Experienced in ultrasound, and soft tissue surgery.


Victorino C. Vega Jr

Head Groomer

Victorino has years of experience growing up with a family that was highly involved in the showing arena for various different breeds, which set him on a path for the showing sport back in the early '90s. Victor also became a breeder back in his home country around this time and to date is recognised for this.


Through the years Victor went on and joined a U.S.A Franchised Dog club registry and became one of their Conformation Judge's as well as their main Head Graphic Designer at the same time, Victor kept this passion and strived to learn more about Dog Breeds, Breed Standards, Physical Attribution for a Healthy Show Dog, Grooming Guidelines, and more.

Victor is now our head groomer at Star Veterinary Clinic with 100's of happy clients under his belt. 

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