Meet our friendly and experienced veterinary staff of the Star Veterinary Clinic.


Dr. Sarabjit Singh

Veterinarian Surgeon

Introducing a new addition to the Star Vet Family, Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sarabjit Singh. We very much look forward to your expertise and dedication to pet care, dentistry, and emergency cases. Dr. Singh also performs difficult surgeries that others may turn away from, he is also highly experienced in Chemotherapy for pets with cancer. To book an appointment with Dr. Singh then you can call the Sports City branch to discuss your pet's concern


Dr. Ines Gomes

Veterinarian Surgeon

Dr Inês Gomes is a perfectly aware veterinary surgeon who in 2008 made the right choice of her life applying to the University of Veterinary Medicine of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Passionate about medicine and with a genuine fascination with surgery.


Since March 2015 she joined the João XXI group as a veterinarian doctor in Lisbon. Participated in the growth of the group with the creation of a new space, dividing her working days between the two branches. At the same time she worked as a volunteer in “Casa dos Animais de Lisboa”, the biggest governmental shelter in Portugal,

focussed mainly in the surgical field. It has proved to be a very rewarding experience not only on a professional level but above all on personal enrichment. Over time she has participated in various formations/congresses/

lectures, as well as a new product, launches, since she believes that professional updating has a relevant

role in the profession.


50th National Congress of AVEPA-SEVC, Barcelona; XXIII National Congress, APMVEAC; several OMV training congresses; Feline Medicine Congress GIEFEL / APMVEAC; Congress Veterinary Montenegro Hospital - Cardio-

Respiratory Pathologies without Secrets; 1st and 2nd editions of the Vet Summit; Training in eye emergencies and corneal pathologies; Training in Feline Dermatology, are some examples.


Dr Inês has been working at Start Veterinary Clinic since November 2018, bringing with her a vast knowledge of internal medicine, especially in areas such as dermatology, endocrinology and gastroenterology. These qualities are associated with a fantastic ability to communicate that characterizes her so well, which is consistent with the high standards of Start veterinary Clinic.


Trust, the watchword in the veterinarian-tutor relationship, a characteristic that implies effort, dedication and professionalism, the result of which leads to success.


Victorino C. Vega Jr

Head Groomer

Victorino has years of experience growing up with a family that was highly involved in the showing arena for various different breeds, which set him on a path for the showing sport back in the early '90s. Victor also became a breeder back in his home country around this time and to date is recognised for this.


Through the years Victor went on and joined a U.S.A Franchised Dog club registry and became one of their Conformation Judge's as well as their main Head Graphic Designer at the same time, Victor kept this passion and strived to learn more about Dog Breeds, Breed Standards, Physical Attribution for a Healthy Show Dog, Grooming Guidelines, and more.

Victor is now our head groomer at Star Veterinary Clinic with 100's of happy clients under his belt.