Vet Diet Canine MOBILITY C2P+ This product is available in 3 sizes, 2kg, 7kg and 14kg. 


Joint and skeletal problems in dogs have many causes. Sometimes puppies, especially larger puppies, do not get the right nutrition during crucial periods of growth and development. This can lead to serious growth disorders which present in later life as joint disease. Further risk factors include age-related wear and tear, which is a frequent cause of joint disease, as well as excess weight, a history of joint injury or trauma, physical over-exertion or a very active lifestyle, and genetic predisposition.


Royal Canin Mobility C2P+ is a complete diet designed for the needs of dogs weighing up to 20kg. This feed contains turmeric, hydrolyzed collagen and polyphenols from green tea which have a positive effect on joint function. It particularly protects cartilage and reduces other symptoms of joint disease. It also has moderate energy content to prevent extra weight gain.



  • Joint diseases
  • Joint sensitivities


  • Lactation
  • Growth


Key benefits:

  • Special support for joints: An innovative recipe with turmeric, hydrolyzed collagen and polyphenols (from green tea) which are known for their beneficial properties for joints.
  • Scientifically proven: Your dog is noticeably more flexible as a sign of improved quality of life.
  • Improved mobility: The high acceptance rate coupled with regular feeding of this food provides daily support to your pet’s joints..
  • Low calorie content: the ingredients contain a low calorie content to maintain ideal weight.


Duration of treatment:

Consistently feeding Royal Canin Veterinary Diet – Mobility C2P+ to your dog for 6 to 8 weeks should result in an improvement in joint health. You may continue with this feed for the rest of your pet’s life.


Further information:

The nutrients from green-lipped mussel are extracted in an exclusive and patented drying process which takes place at a low temperature. This technique helps to preserve the chondro-protective effect. In addition to glycosaminoglycans GLM also contains a unique omega 3 fatty acid; an arachidonic acid which has an anti-inflammatory effect on joints.

Vet Diet Canine MOBILITY C2P+

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