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The Bergan Turbo Teaser Toys are the perfect way to add another dimension of interactivity to your cat's favorite scratch toy. This simple attachment features a pole that extends upward through the center of your Bergan Turbo Scratcherreg; or Star Chaserreg;. The top of the pole uses a rubber tip to hold the feather and bell toy in place, making it easy to replace if worn or damaged. The Bergan Turbo Teaser Toys come as a package of two teaser bell toys, one with smaller feathers attached and the other with a larger fuzzier texture. The toy is also easy to install, attaching to other Bergan products in a simple threestep process. Enhance your cat's play experience by ordering today Key Features: Includes two teaser bell toppers that are easy to change Fits into any Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser cat toy Keeps cats active.

Turbo Telescope Teaser

SKU: 04535
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