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The Gigwi Durable Johnny Stick Treat Dispenser is a new way to offer your dog their favourite snacks. With it's a modern and innovative design, it will surely get your dogs attention. Your dog will smell what it hides inside and will excite them! You just have to uncover the red end cap and fill it with the food or treat they like best; Cover it and leave it on the floor, it will become your dog's favourite toy.


Product Details:
- Perfect treat dispenser
- Multiple outlets and refillable locker
- Made of durable Thermoplastic rubber
- Smaller outlets allow stimulation and exercise


The Gigwi Durable Johnny Stick Treat Dispenser

SKU: 6171
  • NOTE: Please supervise your dog when playing. Never leave toys with your dog unattended. Replace toy in case of rips, tears or other damage.

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