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Simple Solution Urine Dry Carpet Powder (24 oz) removes dog and cat urine stains from carpets with a unique, fast acting powder. Urine Dry Carpet Powder absorbs the wetness to remove the source of the odor, no need to blot with towels or rags, and then simply vacuum up the mess. Easy to use, and safe to be used around children and pets when used as directed.

Important information



Before Use: Remove excess solid or liquid waste. Apply a generous amount of powder to the soiled area. Be sure to use enough product to cover twice the size of the visible urine. Wait 5-10 minutes for the powder to extract the urine from the carpet. Vacuum the treated area. The stain and odor will disappear, leaving your carpet clean, fresh, and dry!

Simple Solution Urine Dry

SKU: 6001405
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