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Made from recycled plastic bottles. Bottles are melted purified and extruded into thread. The thread is then woven to create this unique soft yet strong material with a rich texture.


  • The non-restrictive design removes pressure from the throat area
  • Goes on over the head; pick up left front paw; clip the girth
  • 1 Inch wide, appropriate for medium and larger dogs
  • Proudly built in Conway, New Hampshire - GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)
  • Adjusts to fit a girth size between 24 - 38 Inch



Made from recycled plastic bottles PET this unique plush weave is soft yet strong.

Beautifully stitched and finished using the highest quality hardware components.

Proudly built in New Hampshire.


Type - Roman Harness.

Color - Various Colours

Size - 1 in.. Adjustable Size - Medium 20-32 inch &  Large 24-38 in.

Lupine1 Inch Roman Dog Harness

SKU: 366615376135191

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