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Scratcher and a lounge in one, reversible for twice the use; Sleek and neutral design made of eco-friendly, recycled corrugated cardboard. 

Walnut Brown Edges.

Corrugated cardboard construction. Glue made of cornstarch.

No assembly required. All materials tested using international safety standards.


PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge – Deluxe
Always shopping for scratcher that last an afternoon or the cat is get bored of quickly? (and they are not a pretty addition to the home)

PetFusion’s Cat Scratcher Lounge serves double duty as both a cat scratcher and lounge that promises to keep your finicky companions coming back for more. Custom made for cats who enjoy scratching, playing and lounging around (Ain’t all that cats do? )
Cats love the feel of cardboard, and PetFusion’s Cat Scratcher Lounge offers your cats a comfortable place to rest and scratch at the same time.


Product features:


  • Naturally attracts cats – most love cardboard
  • Curves make for easier scratching
  • More comfortable place to rest and play due to curves
  • Large size for multiple or larger cats
  • Provide generous scratching space
  • Durable construction and dense cardboard lasts longer than other scratchers
  • Featured on Animal Planet’s ‘My Cat From Hell’Recommended to save your furniture!Designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes. Finally a pet product with a stylish design that flows with your home decor. Instead of scratching your furniture, your cats will be more than happy to scratch the less expensive and better feeling cardboard. A win situation for all.


Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge - Deluxe

SKU: 6002883
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