Lypex Capsules are a pancreatic supplement for dogs.
How it works

Lypex Capsules are a pancreatic enzyme supplement that can be used to treat multiple disorders in dogs. The supplement is ideal for the management of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome and bile salt deficiencies. These capsules have an enteric coating to protect them from stomach acid when ingested by your pet so that the active enzyme has a chance to reach their intestine where it can do good. 

Key benefits

  • A pancreatic supplement for dogs with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • Enteric coating protects from stomach acid
  • Capsules should be opened and sprinkled over food.

When to use it

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is a condition where your dog's pancreas fails to produce the necessary digestive enzymes to digest and absorb nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins from food. If your dog has a lack of digestive enzymes (or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency), it can have an affect on their gastrointestinal system as well as take its toll on their general health and wellbeing. Symptoms include weight loss and chronic diarrhoea.

Maldigestion stops your dog from being able to absorb the nutrients they need from their food, which can lead to malnutrition. Lypex Capsules help your dog's digestive system function at full capacity. 

You should only use these capsules after a full diagnosis and recommendation from your vet. The capsules should be opened and sprinkled on top of your dog's food, twice daily for as long as the vet recommends. Follow the guidelines for your pet's height and weight. If you notice any adverse side effects, stop the course immediately and seek veterinary advice.

Lypex - 60 Capsules

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