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Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) dry food is made following a special recipe to suit the needs of cats with renal diseases. Kidney dysfunction can occur as a result of pre-exisiting conditions, as well as due to breeding, environmental influences or even the wrong nutrition, and can have considerable adverse effects for your pet. It is very important that your cat drinks plenty of liquid. A diet high in animal proteins is one of the main factors that influences the development of kidney conditions, so this dry cat food has a reduced potein content that is balanced out with an increased proportion of calories that do not come from these sources of protein. The added potassium citrate can also help to maintain a neutral, slightly acidic urine, which can prevent the formation of painful bladder stones, known as oxalate crystals. The phosphor and calcium content has also been reduced, while taurine and other important vitamins and minerals provide your cat with everything she needs for a healthy, active life.

Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) dry food at a glance:

  • Special feed for cats with kidney conditions
  • For the prevention of oxalate crystals
  • Reduced protein content: protects the kidneys due to a lower amount of animal protein
  • Higher calorie content from non-proteins
  • With potassium citrate: for neutral, lightly acidic urine to prevent bladder stones
  • Reduced calcium and phosphor content
  • With taurine: for healthy heart function and good eyesight
  • With important vitamins and minerals: for a complete, well-balanced diet

Kattovet Feline Diet Renal Fish (Low Protein) Dry Food 1250g

SKU: 771407
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