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  • FUN: Plush mouse cat toy was lovingly brought to life using durable high quality plush material that is strong and safe for your pets. This striped mouse cat toy has fun details to keep your cat happy; featuring a furry body and a sound chip that activates at the slightest touch. GiGwi, the only choice for pets.
  • WHIMSICAL: GiGwi Melody Chaser toys make lifelike sounds after the toy has been activated. They are designed to satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts and to keep it on its toes! Remove the plastic cord to activate the toy and watch the case begin!
  • PERFECT SIZE: Great for cats and kittens of all sizes. Measures 3”
  • LOVABLE: Gigwi Melody Chasers are ideal to chase, snuggle, or chew. Soft toys retain your pet’s scent to keep him coming back to it again and again. Cute, soft and cuddly friends feature charming designs made from quality non toxic materials.
  • GIGWI: GiGwi has a very simple mission: to help people and their pets spend hours of fun together. Our commitment to pet needs requires a holistic approach to making toys.The GiGwi Team’s dream is to create products that transcend geography, customs and cultures.

GIGwi Mouse 'Melody Chaser' w/ motion activated sound chip (mouse sound)

SKU: 7016
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