A tasty nutritional supplement containing a unique combination of amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals to help support respiratory tract health in cats.

Signs of Respiratory Tract Problems
Signs of poor respiratory tract health can include:
Runny nose or eyes
Decreased appetite
Coughing or sneezing

What Else Can I Do?
Your vet may recommend a few key strategies to help your cat live a happy, healthy life. For example:
Nutritional supplements
Keeping a calm home environment
Feeding a healthy, balanced diet with good water intake

Feeding Guidelines
Flumax comes as a tasty paste which can be fed directly to cats, or added to their food. It can be fed short term to support cats with poor respiratory health, medium term at times of stress and long term to help recovery.

We recommend feeding adult cats 2 pumps twice a day and kittens one pump twice a day. Your vet may adjust this for the individual needs of your pet.

L-lysine – an essential amino acid
Cranberry and pomegranate – antioxidant rich extracts
Pelargonium sidoides – a plant extract which provides immune support and aids with innate respiratory defence mechanisms
Zinc – an essential trace element with immune and antioxidant properties
B Vitamins – known to aid with appetite and energy regulation

Flumax 150mls

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