Quantity: 240 capsules

Cystaid Capsules for Cats contain 125mg of glucosamine, the major component of the protective lining on the inside of the bladder.

These Cystaid Plus Capsules help to stimulate healthy production of glycosaminoglycans in the bladder. They relieve urinary and bladder discomfort in cats that experience cystitis.

Cystaid may be of use in the management of Feline lower urinary tract disease, particularly feline idiopathic cystitis complex.

The understanding of the causes of Idiopathic Cystitis in cats is still in its infancy. However in many cats it seems the breakdown of the GAG layer plays a significant role. As some cats have a pre-disposed inability to facilitate the synthesis of N Acetyl D Glucosamine (NAG) from Glucosamine, supplementation with NAG may help.

Cystaid Plus Capsules can be opened and mixed with food, or given whole.

Feline Cystaid - 240 caps

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