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Medical Pet Shirts are protective shirts for dogs and cats. They can be used after surgery (alternative to the collar), in cases of skin disease, when in season and with incontinence.



  • The Medical Pet Shirt offers good protection after operations or in cases of skin disease.
  • With a Medical Pet Shirt, your dog or cat retains freedom of movement.
  • The Medical Pet Shirt keeps your dog or cat warm.
  • In cases of incontinence or if your pet is in the season the Medical Pet Shirt can also be fitted with a sanitary towel or pants liner (nappies).
  • The Medical Pet Shirt is open-ended facilitating easy fitting and removal.
  • The Medical Pet Shirt is easy to use with the Velcro ® patch near the base of the tail to allow the pet to be taken for a walk without removal of the shirt.
  • The Medical Pet Shirt is comfortable, hygienic and can be washed at 30º Celcius.
  • Extra press buttons are added on the back for more security.

The outside of the Medical Pet Shirt for cats is red. The inside is light blue and is double lined where it covers the belly. The Medical Pet Shirt is made of stretch material cotton/Lycra.



SizeLength neck to tailIndication
XXXS29 - 37 cmYoung cat (kitten)
XXS33 - 42 cmYoung cat (kitten)
XS40 - 45 cmCat
S43 - 51 cmCat

Weight: 0.1 Kilograms

Cat Medical Shirt

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