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Triple Berry Scented Waste Pick-Up Bags

Even if your dog had an all-berry diet, we’re pretty sure our triple berry scent would smell better than your dog’s leavings.

  • Keep your paws clean – The simple, safe and sanitary solution to dog poop pickup.
  • Fun Fragranced Feces – Unique odor-eliminating technology neutralizes malodors, and bags are sweetened with our Triple Berry Scent to further mask unpleasant odors.
  • Ample room for the boom boom – These new, larger-sized waste pick-up bags are 9 x 14 inches, making the largest poos seem poo-tite.
  • Locked up, no leakage – Thick enough to dull poop-picking sensations and backed by our 100% leakproof guarantee.
  • Reload – Refills all Bags on Board Dog Waste Bag Dispensers.

BoB Refill Bags - Triple Berry Rolls 140bags

SKU: 40063
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