Top Ideas for keeping your pets entertained while you're at work

1. Leave the Television on

Yes, TV, leave your television on with the Animal Planet channel on, the sights and sounds will make the dogs feel like they are not alone and stimulate their brain in a quiet house, also keeping them from getting into mischief.

2. Provide ways for your dog to look out of a window

Make sure that curtains are open for your dog to be able to watch the outside world while you are at work, if you have a small dog you can place a chair that they can get onto near to a closed window so they can see out.

3. Fill a toy with treats

There are many toys around at the moment, that allow you to place small nibbles inside or peanut butter. These types of toys can keep them entertained for hours, trying to get to the treats inside. Another good way is to freeze the peanut butter inside before you leave the house.

Kong & Buster are a couple of companies that do a great range of fillable toys.

4. Treasure Treat Hunt

Hide a stuffed food puzzle toys or small piles of her kibble around your house. Scatter a couple of handfuls of kibble in the areas where your dog hangs out during the day and she’ll have fun hunting her treats while you’re at work.

He/She will learn to associate your leaving for the day with a positive – as opposed to a negative – emotion

5. Give your dog a block of ICE

In the heat of Dubai this is a really good one, fill your ice cream container with various treats and then add your water and freeze. Take one out in the morning and give it to your dog… its no only